United Church of Canada

We are Part of the United Church of Canada through the Ottawa Presbytery

Riverside United Church is part of the United Church of Canada, the country’s largest Protestant denomination.


The United Church is a uniquely Canadian institution, created in 1925 through an Act of Parliament.  The Basis of Union brought together Methodist, Congregationalist, most Presbyterian and existing Union Churches into a single Canadian voice of reformed Protestant Christianity, while respecting the histories and faith traditions of each.   This was the first such cross-denomination church union in the world, the outcome of the ecumenical vision of the time.

The United Church of Canada strives to be inclusive in its beliefs and has a strong tradition of advocating for social justice.  It brings together the rich theological perspectives of its constituent parts, while welcoming a range of beliefs.

The United Church is governed democratically through national, regional and local courts, which formulate policy and oversee individual congregations.