Sundays At Riverside

RUC SanctuaryOn most Sundays, we meet at 11:00. During July and August, joint services are held together with the Anglican congregation at 10:0 am, and on four other occasions during the year, joint services are held, usually at 10:00 am.  Other special services are held throughout the year.  Check the calendar or call the church office to be sure.

This is our usual Order of Service.  Details for a particular Sunday will be in the bulletin handed out at the door and also projected on the screen at the front of the sanctuary.

Organ Prelude

Choir and Minister enter (congregation stands then is seated as the choir members take their seats)

Welcome and Centering – Focus question

Lighting the Candle of Love and Hope

Introit (a verse of a hymn to set the tone for the service)

Call to Worship (usually read responsively by minister and congregation)


Opening Prayer (often read in unison)

Life and Work of the Community of Faith (Announcements)

Conversation with children (Children are invited to join the minister at the front)

Hymn (following this hymn, the children leave with their teacher for Sunday School)

Scripture readings (minister and/or a member of the congregation)

Anthem (sung by the choir)

Sermon  (a time to reflect on how the wisdom of scripture applies to our living today) Listen to past sermons


Offering  (a plate is passed for those wishing to make a financial contribution)

Prayer of Dedication  (for contributions received, monetary and otherwise)

Prayers of the People  (remembering those in need or having other joys or concerns)


Commissioning and Benediction

Choral Amen

Organ Postlude

Choir and Minister exit

The minister is at the door to greet people as they leave.

Usually, coffee, tea, juice and cookies are served in Room 6 following the service and all are invited to join for a time of conversation and fellowship.