Live the Questions

Welcome to my entry into the world of blogging …

As I prepare to offer regular thoughts and reflections, I have been thinking about what this space could be …

One of the tasks of ministry is to offer a weekly sermon in worship.  As part of the preparation of this renewed website, I have been asked to write various sentences and descriptions.  One of those was a sentence of what a sermon is.   A dictionary was consulted and one of the definitions of a sermon was: “a serious talk, often long and tiresome, about morals, conduct and order.”  I opted to say instead: “a time to reflect on how the wisdom of scripture applies to our living today.”

As I think about the opportunity to blog, I hope that it will be an opportunity for me to offer some shorter reflections on scripture, on life situations, on funny things that happen, etc.  I will seek to offer a sense of the reflection on faith and life that goes on in my mind and soul pretty regularly.

I hope that the blog entries will not be long and tiresome, but refreshing and engaging … and as interactive as might be possible.  So, if you have a question or an insight that you would like to offer – please do!

A warning/a promise: I will probably ask more questions than give answers.  One of my mentors in my faith journey once offered the wisdom to “live the questions.”  So, this blog will be one more means of living my questions.

Posted on: May 22nd, 2015 by Rev. Paul Dillman

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  1. Wendy Graham says:

    Love, love, love the “pondering’ picture!!!

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