Sunday SchoolChildren’s Worship (Sunday School)

Sunday School (or Children’s Worship) is held during Sunday services for children from 3 years of age to grade 6.
Sunday School (or Children’s Worship) uses the Living the Word curriculum, which follows the narrative lectionary.

Youth program

For youth from grades 6 to 12. Our youth participate in programs, both within and outside the church that promote friendship, generosity and responsibility.

Affirming Ministry Circle

At the 2015 Annual Congregational Meeting, Riverside passed a motion to form a Circle to lead the congregation in exploring the possibility of becoming an Affirming Congregation.

Some of the questions that have been raised:

What is an Affirming Congregation? If we become an Affirming Congregation, will we then be a Gay congregation?

An Affirming Congregation is often described as a congregation that is open and welcoming all, including the LGBT community, all cultures, other-abled people, and those that just look and act different from what we may be used to.

But it is more than just being welcoming. Before declaring themselves to be “affirming”, ministries study issues of sexual orientation and gender identity; make explicit and proactive statements of welcome, inclusion, and justice-seeking for people who have been historically marginalized and excluded within the church and in society, and commit themselves to work for justice and inclusion within their congregation, the wider church, and their community. That doesn’t make a congregation a “gay”  congregation, it makes it knowledgebly and intentionally inclusive.

Why go through the process? We’re a pretty welcoming congregation. Why not just hang out an “All Welcome” sign?

Since the education element is key, Riverside has participated in several events exploring different aspects of the subject. Rev. Read Sherman, a gay minister who talked to us about the process and why it is important, explained that most LGBT”s, and he, specifically, would not read himself into an “All welcome” sign. Churches that haven’t gone the distance to name who they mean, and to educate themselves, are not truly welcoming/inclusive re: gender identity and sexual orientation. An “all welcome”  sign doesn’t really mean much.

Merna Rippstein is the chairperson of this Circle and may be contacted for further information. Merna’s email is and telephone number is 613-823-6897

Faith Exploration

Faith is a growing sense of exploration and reaching beyond to grasp eternal truth and meaning.  Riverside offers a variety of programs and activities to help us all to nurture and grow in faith, through asking questions and sharing wisdom with one another.  A few of our regular opportunities for nurturing the spiritual dimension of our human living include;

book clubBook Club

Book Club – The Book Club plans to meet 5 to 6 times a year, usually on Sunday evenings. Our book choices are not always faith-based, but do prompt us to reflect on topics and issues that are relevant to our lives and ministry. Check our Calendar (click here) and News and Events page for dates and titles. Please use the sign up form outside the office.

Who is my Neighbour in Faith?

A series of guests from other faith traditions to share with us

Faith Conversations

Following Sunday worship once a month – discussion of articles, time to ask questions on biblical stories, discuss a video, learn more about a social issues, etc.

There is a Time to Mourn

A newer series of discussions on grief and our practices at the time of death.